AAdvantage Business™ terms and conditions

Updated April 15, 2024

The following terms and conditions apply to participation in American Airlines, Inc.’s ("American") AAdvantage Business™ program (the "Program"). By registering and participating in the Program, the Business (as defined below), and the Travel Manager (as defined below) in their role as Travel Manager for the Business each agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which incorporate the terms and conditions of American’s AAdvantage® program ("the AAdvantage® Terms"), and the terms and conditions with respect to American’s websites and smart phone app (the "AA.com Terms"). These terms and conditions, together with the AAdvantage® Terms and the AA.com Terms, are collectively referred to herein as the "Terms". Each Business Traveler (as defined below) as an employee of the Business, individually, must apply for and become a member of the AAdvantage® program, and agree to comply with these Terms. The Business confirms that the person registering on behalf of the Business has sufficient authority to bind the Business and that the Business’s acceptance of these Terms is further confirmed by their use of the Program. American may also require compliance with certain Program Rules (as defined below) for participation in the Program. If acceptance of the Program Rules (as defined below) is required for the use of certain services or benefits in connection with the Program, a Travel Manager or a Business Traveler who does not accept the Program Rules will not be able to use such Program-related services or benefits.

AAdvantage® program terms and conditions

American may collect, process, and share personal information in connection with the Program in accordance with American’s Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"). By participating in the Program, each Business Traveler acknowledges and has read the Privacy Policy. Each participating Business and Travel Manager agrees that: (i) it shall not process or share the personal information of Business Travelers obtained from American in connection with the Program, except in accordance with these Terms; and (ii) it shall comply with all data privacy and data protection laws with respect to all personal information it collects, processes, or shares in connection with the Program.

Privacy policy

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